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One on One Consulting & Coaching
$65 per hour

New environments can be intimidating. Take advantage of some one on one time with Crystal to keep you focused and optimize your results.

Lifestyle Coaching Dynamic Programs
For special rates and more info get in touch >>

Offered in both 12 and 21 week programs. Limited show prep also available.

We realize everyone has different goals and different body types which means you'll need configurable programs to meet your specific needs. We'll customize meal plans and training programs for you specifically based on the results of your completed LifeStyle Questionnaire. Regular contact helps us keep you on track and away from deviations so you continue getting the results you want. 

 LifeStyle training sessions 
 take place at select clubs  and tracks or in your 

 home facility. 

Clinics & Traveling Bootcamp   
For rates and more info get in touch ^ (Prices Vary)

If your institution is looking for health and wellness services, or wanting to hold an event with active participants involved in a variety of group training styles (ex. zumba), please reach out for collaborative services.  

Group Fitness Bootcamp  
$150 monthly / $20 Drop In


Bootcamps happen weekly at Athlete Connection and are a great way to get in additional high intensity training with a little flair all while having fun. Bootcamps are discounted for LifeStyle Members and also give you an opportunity to spend some time with Crystal and show off your results. 


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