I don't really have one of those stories that says when I was 4.5 years old I picked up my first camera and fell in love with photography. I actually wanted to be a surgeon, but couldn't seem to pass freshman math. So off to the art department I went. Between painting, drawing, and creating sculptures out of wire I decided to try a photo class. There's where the love happened. It loved me just as much, because for some reason it came pretty natural. My teachers encouraged me to keep it going, so I did. I earned my BFA degree in Advertising and Design with a minor in Art History graduating with honors from Stephen F. Austin State University. Go Jacks!  After college I went to photography school to further my photography education and get a grasp on lighting, digital photography (I had only learned film up until this point!), the various genres, and the business side.


I moved to Houston in 2011 and have built my photography career here. I own a creative studio as well, called Suite2a, that focuses on photography, branding, and consulting for fitness, lifestyle, and fashion brands.  I'm also a contributing photographer to the Houstonia Magazine, and a member of ASMP. 

Now with almost 10 years shooting product, editorial, commercial, fitness, fashion, and portrait photography, I try and stay very versatile. There is nothing I won't give a shot! (Pun intended.) If there is an idea there is always a way. Let's talk about photography for your next project! We can make it happen!!

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Dominique Vien 360

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Ken Kiefer is an award winning underwater photographer.


He is a member of the exclusive Ocean Artists Society, and firmly believes in using art to bring awareness to the need to preserve our natural world.


He is passionate about photographing anything and everything under the water:  ocean critters, swim teams, fitness models, children, competition divers, etc.

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