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Boneafide Shred is the next level fat burner that is fully transparent and fully dosed! It provides the cleanest energy and focus without a crash and absolutely no jitters! The thermogenic effect on the Boneafide Shred will have you sweating and burning more calories during your workout resulting in greater fat loss! We provide a full dosage of grains of paradise which is known to be one of the world’s strongest thermogenics that is proven to help Burn brown adipose tissue or otherwise known as, stubborn fat! Not to mention, the prevalent appetite suppressant effects that result from the serotonin increasing 5-HTP that is present in Shred that will cut out any bad cravings! Boneafide Shred puts other fat burners in the doghouse! Step up to the best in the market! Feel Results, See Results!

About the product

  • Vigorous Fat Incinerator

  • Tenacious Metabolism Booster

  • Prevalent Appetite Suppressant

  • Immaculate Energy & Focus

  • No Crash, Jitter Free

MADE IN THE USA  |  cGMP Certified


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